Mary Wilson, Sam Moore Join RIAA In Saluting Hawaii’s ‘Truth In Music Advertising Act’

Legendary recording artists MARY WILSON and SAM MOORE, along with the RECORDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, praised HAWAII’s enactment of the TRUTH IN MUSIC ADVERTISING ACT today, designed to help protect the livelihood of legacy musical groups and artists by preventing “impostor” performers from improperly using the legacy act’s name. 

GOVERNOR DAVID IGE signed the bill into law today after passing the legislature unanimously. 

Commented MARY WILSON, founding member of THE SUPREMES, “This legislation will help stop ‘fake groups’ from using our own hard-earned name to take work away from us. We worked to earn our legacies – our name – and we earn our living by touring. We can’t afford to lose gigs to bogus groups, and music fans shouldn’t be misled into paying for fakes. Thank you to HAWAII for enacting this important law.”


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