Gown - Crème de Menthe
“Crème de Menthe”
Designed by Pat Campano / Richard Eckert, 1974
Scherrie Payne, Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong

Material & Embellishments: Chiffon and crepe with sequins, plastic jewels, and star rhinestones.

Notable TV Appearances: The Merv Griffin Show (1975)

Other notable facts:

  • There were four gowns in this set as a matching maternity gown was made for Mary Wilson. Scherrie Payne’s gown had a different neckline that was altered in 1976.

Displayed in Reflections: The Mary Wilson Supreme Legacy Gown Collection exhibit

  • Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & Museum | Cleveland, Ohio (April-September 2004)
  • Detroit Historical Society | Detroit, Michigan (July 2005-February 2006)
  • Long Island Museum | Stony Brook, New York (July-October 2007)
  • Victoria & Albert Museum | London, England (May-October 2008)
  • Experience Music Project | Seattle, Washington (June-September 2010)
  • The African-American Museum | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (January-June 2013)