Black Butterfly
“Black Butterfly”
Designed by Bob Mackie, 1969
Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong

Material & Embellishments: Viscose/rayon velvet; gilt thread creates an embroidered paisley design accented by pearls, teardrop fringe, multi-faceted jewels, and glass pearls

Notable TV Appearances: G.I.T. On Broadway (NBC-TV – November 12, 1969)

Other notable facts:

  • The Supremes wore these gowns in their performance with Diana Ross at the Frontier Hotel on January 14, 1970. They were also the first gowns they wore in Jean Terrell’s debut performance with the group in February 1970.

Displayed in Reflections: The Mary Wilson Supreme Legacy Gown Collection exhibit

  • Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & Museum | Cleveland, Ohio (April-September 2004)
  • Detroit Historical Society | Detroit, Michigan (July 2005-February 2006)
  • Long Island Museum | Stony Brook, New York (July-October 2007)
  • Victoria & Albert Museum | London, England (May-October 2008)
  • Experience Music Project | Seattle, Washington (June-September 2010)
  • The African-American Museum | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (January-June 2013)