Entire ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ Catalogue Hits Streaming Platforms

Nearly 50 years after it aired its final episode in 1971, the legendary Ed Sullivan Show is officially headed to all streaming platforms.

From the Beatles’ debut to Elvis Presley to the Rolling Stones, iconic clips and low-resolution bootlegs of the variety show have been available for years, but this marks the first time the entire catalogue will be available digitally — thanks to a deal between UMe and SOFA Entertainment Inc.

Seven performances are available now on the show’s official YouTube channel, with new videos rolling out over the next three years. You can watch the Beach Boys’ performance of “Good Vibrations” from October 13th, 1968 above, as well as the Supremes’ “You Can’t Hurry Love” from September 25th, 1966 below.

“The Supremes were on The Ed Sullivan Show 16 times,” the group’s Mary Wilson tells Rolling Stone. “One of the most exciting times was in 1966: Me, Flo [Ballard] and Diane [Ross] sang ‘You Can’t Hurry Love.’ We wore our newly acquired ‘Blue Sequined Gowns’ that we had made on our last trip to Hong Kong. Their tailors could copy anything, dress suit or whatever in a few hours, so we had them copy our gowns. Our voices were happy and you will notice Flo’s soprano voice was loud and clear on this show.”

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