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The Happenings: August 2015

August 28, 2015

Hello all:


It seems as though everywhere I look these days people are in the midst of change.  The whole world is in the midst of change.  I believe from the depth of my soul that something bigger than us is moving on all things and shaping our new world.  How lucky we are to be alive at this time in our human evolution.  As I look back in history, I realize I have seen so much change during my own lifetime.  I was born in changing times.  Airplanes, telephones, radio, television, freeways, even the weather has changed from what it was when I was a young girl.  The list is so much longer than what I have mentioned here.  You can probably add to this list so many more changes you have observed during your own life. With all this change occurring, part of my personal movement now is “DARING TO DREAM” once again.  For those of you who know me, or think you know me, you know my motto is to “dare to dream” again and again. As I speak with so many of my friends and co-workers, I hear that they are all going through big changes in their lives. This is definitely the time to “Dare to Dream” again. Oh and be happy you are still here to dream again.  LOL


2015 started out with me having to make some big decisions about my life, and my future.  When I look back over my life, I see the many changes I have gone through, and wow, yes, I’ve gone through many.  At 71 years of age now, I must confess that I am not the same person I was in my youth.  I used to think that I was perfect and that would never change, but I now see that one must continue to grow to move ahead and yes to change. So, here I am continuing to grow and moving on.


I am always asked what I would be doing had I not gone into the entertainment industry.  Because we were so young when we started singing, I really never thought about anything other than being an entertainer.  However, as a very young girl, I used to stand on my toes like a ballerina.  I even have the two big toes turned in to prove it, or maybe that’s just because of the pointed shoes I have worn throughout my career. J  Thinking back on it now had I not been a singer, The Ballet, and a ballerina, may have been the only other profession I may have chosen.


But taking a step back and reflecting on the times we were living in those days, the 50’s and 60’s were turbulent times for BLACK people, or were we still colored people?  Most of your average Black people could only aspire to be in professions as a teacher, a doctor, or a nurse back then.  One of my dearest and longtime friends, Jackie Burks, told me recently that when we both sat on our porches back in the 50’s, I was always acting theatrically, and that’s the way she always thought of me.  Wow,  who knew?


Well at last I have decided to take it on seriously. I have always taken acting classes since I moved to Hollywood in the late 60’s but I was never able to fully complete my studies due to my singing career and the need to always travel to support my career.  Throughout the years, I was able to get involved in various musicals and small bit parts in a few movies and I look forward to doing more in the years to come. From the time we did “The Tarzan” TV show, I knew I wanted to pursue it further.

I am spending more time in Los Angeles, though I still live in Vegas, and taking off from my normal hectic touring schedule. I have committed to acting classes at my friend Margie Haber’s acting technique school.  I am now in her intermediate class after four months of studying.  For all of you who have a desire to act, let me tell you it’s not easy, but I love digging deep into my soul to come up with real emotions.  Margie calls it “A Slice of Life.”  Living another person’s life is what I find difficult as I have always tried to be an authentic “me.”  Now in acting, I have to find a way of being someone else, while acting and talking their way, whoa, it’s not easy.  But again, I am “Daring to Dream,” to move forward.




A highlight of the summer thus far has been the opening of the exhibit “Legends of Motown Celebrating The Supremes” at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.  The private reception, held on June 24, was terrific.  The exhibit is a condensed version of “The Mary Wilson Gown Collection” which has toured around world.  It’s a great tribute to all of the Supremes and features gowns from the 60’s and 70’s.   We, the Supremes, had over 160 sets of gowns, so this is just a mere sampling of some of the gowns I have in the collection. The official opening of the exhibit occurred the following day when it opened to the public and will continue to run until the Spring of 2016.  The evening included a walk-through of the exhibit followed by a “Conversation with ME, Mary Wilson” conducted by the museum’s president.  I was so happy that former 70’s Supremes members, Jean Terrell, Scherrie Payne and Susaye Greene accepted my invitation as special guests for the evening. Lynda Lawrence had a previous engagement, but sent a lovely note.   I also want to shout out to all of the staff at the Grammy Museum for making the exhibit a smash. A special thanks to Ms. Nwaka Onwusa who did an amazing job of overseeing the event and exhibition – she truly did a “supreme” job.  So, if you are out in LA, be sure to visit the Grammy Museum and experience this wonderful exhibit.




We will be working on our new website to add more features and more up to date information.  In the meantime, in September, we will be performing at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater in Branson, Missouri.   I am quite excited about the upcoming “Legends Live Tour” with Dionne Warwick, Roberta Flack and The Drifters for three arena dates in the UK in October, which will then be followed by a few shows with my good friend, Freda Payne, in Hampton, Virginia and Durham, North Carolina.


Well, it’s time to get back to studying my acting lessons.  Even when I am not touring, I remain extremely busy working on various projects.  There’s never enough time to get everything done.



As always, I thank you for the love and the support you have always been so gracious to share.


Until next time….



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