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Touching On Some Double Meanings and Getting Biographical with Mary Wilson

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The Takeaway's Musical Road Trip: Detroit with Mary Wilson of the Supremes


Fox 2 welcomes legendary Motown artist Mary Wilson of the Supremes


Soul Talkin’: Mary chats with’s David Nathan


Mary Wilson Reflects on Motown Magic


Stop! In the Name of Mary Wilson


Mary Wilson, Still Supreme


Mary featured on Yahoo! Music

Watch Part One of the Interview

Watch Part Two of the Interview


Backstage Axxess Interview


Wilson's Lena Horne tribute a Supreme cabaret act


R.I.P., Don Cornelius: Some 'Soul Train' highlights




"Teacher told me to pack in singing..." Interview



Stormy Weather: The Lena Horne Project Starring Mary Wilson

Los Angeles Sentinel


Asked and Answered: Mary Wilson


Mary Wilson with Mike Miller on The Harmony Street Show

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The Supremes Mary Wilson To Special Guest With Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings On UK Tour


Mary's new single, "Life's Been Good To Me" is available in the UK

Mary's new single, "Life's Been Good To Me" is now available on iTunes UK and Amazon UK for digital download. Listen to it in its entirety on


Mary interviewed by ITV in London

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Mary Interviewed by BBC Radio 4

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Mary Interviewed on Premier Radio

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Mary Wilson Interviewed in Moscow

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Supremes Star Mary Wilson Narrowly Missed Russian Airport Bombing


Supreme show in store from Mary Wilson

The Birmingham Mail





Stop in the Name of Love: Supreme's PA copyright fight


Mary Wilson's new album has "a lot to say about life"


Jazzy Songs and Hot Yoga for One-Time Supreme Mary Wilson

The National Ledger


Reflections on the Supremes costume exhibit at Experience Music Project


Mary Wilson gives a tour of the Supremes Gowns Exhibit at the EMP


Musicians push royalties as broadcasters gather in Las Vegas




Mary Wilson: Supreme Star Takes Manhattan

Show Biz 411


Motown vignettes: Clinton, Judd, others talk music

Taiwan News


Motown Turns 50, but the Party's Far From Over



Mary Wilson: Supreme Love for Ross



'I Don't Play Games; What You See Is What You Get'


An interview with Mary on

Mary's Interview
 : Soul and Food with Mary Wilson


Mary Wilson In Conversation

V & A's website




Heaven on Earth

Pride Source


Supreme Talent


Ex-Supreme at center of knockoff-band battle

Houston Chronicle


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